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List of works

op.2 Halley Zyklus (1986)

for Violin, Synthesizer,Computer and Video (f.p. ORF – Studio Tirol 1986)

op.3 Visions 2000 (1987)

for high voice, stringtrio (Vn., Va., C.), Keyboards, Computer generated

tape und Video (f.p. ORF – Studio Tirol 1987)

op.8 Love Songs with Bitter Taste (1987/88)

Voice and Piano, Text by composer

op.9 Leapyear ’88 (1988)

for flute, clarinet, Stringquartet, Keyboards and Computer generated tape

f.p. ORF – Studio Tirol 1988

op.10 Dedications in Pink (1988)

for piano solo

op.11 Waltz alla Rondo (1989)

for 2pianos, first performed 6th May 1989 at St. James’ Piccadilly(by York II)

op.12 Clockwise (1989)

for piano duet, f.p. ORF- Studio Tirol 1989

op.13 Liebesillusionen (1989/90)

Song Cycle for high voice, Violin, Cello und Piano, poems by Henri F. Triet

op.14 Pianotrio No.1 (1990)

for violin, cello and piano, f.p. spring 1990 ORF Tirol

Tom Norris – Violine, Kate Shortt – Cello, N. Zehm – Piano (Strawberry Trio)

op.16 Study for Piano (1990)

for piano solo

op.17 Pianotrio No.2 "On Kate’s Theme" (1991/92)

for violin, cello and piano, f.p. 1992 ORF Tirol

performed by "Strawberry Trio", now "The Astral Project".

op.18 Last Prophecies (1992)

for flute, Sopr. Saxophone, Bass clarinet, Viola, Cello, Keyboards and

Electronics (Computertape), Text by M. Nostradamus, f.p. 1992 ORF Tirol

op.19 Images from a City (1992)

for symphonic windband, f.p. March 1992 Wels/ Austria

op.21 A European Approach (1992/93)

for piano duet, f.p. by YORK II in Hall/Austria

op.22 Prothalamion (Strinquartet No. 1) – 1993

f.p. by ‘ Quartett Ygddrasil’, Dec. 1993 Vienna

op.23 Silence & Poverty (1994) – Text: Peter Wolf

for windorchestra (+ Harfe), choir and soloists (Sopr., Counterten., Bass)

f.p. October 1994 Stift Reichersberg (Austria),

op.24 Message of the Corn Circles (1995)

a piano cycle in 6 movements, f.p. by Karen Schlimp 1996 in Berlin

op.25 Pianotrio No.3 "Tear Drops" (1995)

Vn., C., Kl., and Pantomime, f.p. 1995 London –Trio "

op.26 Silberkreuzung (1995/96)

commissioned by ‘Klangspuren Festival‘96’ Schwaz/Austria

Text: Peter Wolf

Flute, clarinet, trumpet, bassoon, Violin, Cello, percussion, keyboards,

electronics (tape), Video (Roland Schrettl)

op.27 Light from the Outer Ring (1996)

fürfor windband, commissioned by ‘Ely Kings School Concert Band’ , f.p. 1996 at Ely Cathedral

op.28 Children’s Pieces f. Cello

op.29 Children’s Pieces f. Piano

op.30 "Le Tombeau de Ravel" ( Stringquartet No.2) – 1997/98

f.p. July 1999 in Hallein/Salzburg, Quartet Ygddrasil

op.31 Time Music (1997/98)

for flute and piano, f.p. 1998 Alte Schmiede/Vienna,

Norbert Trawöger – Flute, N. Zehm - piano

op.32 Jazz Pieces (Piano)

op.34 Kosmomanie (1998/99)

Song Cycle for Low Voice, Flute, Viola and Piano (+ Monochord)

Poems by Dietmar Viertl, commissioned by ORF Vienna, f.p. Feb. 1999 at Radio Kulturhaus Wien

op.35 Prelude in Turquoise (1999)

for piano solo

op.37 Birkdale Boogie(1999)

for flute, cello and piano

op.38 Piano Starter(2000)

op.39 Missa Coelo et Terrae (2000)

Mass commissioned by ‘Tiroler Festspiele’ Erl/Austria, for choir, soli (Soprano,

Bass) and organ, f.p. Juli 2000 Erl

Op.40 Lukas Passion
Fertigstellung im Februar 2001
Uraufführung 8. April 2001, für Musik der Religionen/Hall

Op.41 Albumblatt (Miniatur)
 Für Flöte und Klavier

Op.42 Movin‘ Reflections
 für Blasorchester mit Orgel, E- Gitarre und Modern Dance
            Uraufführung April 2002 in der Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
            Vom Sefton Youth Wind Orchestra und Chesterfield High School Dance

Op.43 “Clockwise for Orchestra“
Uraufführung  15. Mai 2003
           Tiroler Symphonie Orchester unter der Leitung von Georg Schmöh

Op.44 “Suite for Jazz Orchestra“

Op.45 Symphonie"GAMES"   2003/04

          in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Videokünstler Roland Schrettl
Uraufführung Tiroler Festspiele/Erl am 23. 7. 2004