music in space -   
          images in time

The Artist At Work

                            (Wels, 1992)


    New Paintings  2014 - 2016








     2012 - 14



             Selfportrait in Pastel (March 2006)    Blue Smile (March 2006)               Raumklang in Blau
                                                                Pastel - Monochrom (Florica)          2005 (Acryl)         



      kate and her blue cello          sinfonietta                        symphonic visions                     the kiss   
              Pastell                            mixed media                      Acryl/Notenfragmente            Pastell Kreiden



               pink flo                                         trio nr4                            Dedication in Pink     
           mixed media                             mixed media                             mixed media


        Roland Schrettl - Portrait                  Symphonic Visions in Green                    Roland Schrettl          
            Bleistift                                         Acryl/ Notenfragmente                Acryl/ Oil Pastel/Computer Parts

                              Fullfilling Emty Spaces
                                 mixed media


                Blue Music                                           Self Portrait                                  Flo Smile    
                 Acryl 2005                                             Pencil 2006                                Charcoal 2006


                                                                                                                                            (im Privatbesitz)
   A pastel painting of Flo             Irina                    Gabriel- Ainsdale Sanddunes             Klangfenster
       (2001)                             charcoal - pencil(2001)            Pencil (2000)                          Acrylics (1999) 


                                               (im Privatbesitz)
 Feuertanz                     Sound Explosion                Flo - watersoluble                 Blaue Flöte
       Water Colours                Water Colours                   coloured pencil                  Oil on Canvas
          1985                                 1985                                       2002                                 1992


   (im Privatbesitz)    
      Carnaval                         Orchestra in Action            "drowned by music"          Fluty Flo
   Water Colours(2000)            Acrylics (2000)                    Acrylics (2000)          Water Colours (2001)


 Hot Summer's Dream        Sound Bubbles                  Irina's Cello                  Sound Windows 1
     (Pencil & Charcoal)             (Acrylics)                        (Water Colours)              (Acrylics)
          (2003)                                 (2003)                                (2000)                            (2003)